1. Nashville Day Schedule

    1. Hermitage Hotel - Mid-afternoon tea, downtown. Apparently must-see bathrooms or Lunch: Mas Tacos in East Nashville.
    2. Loveless Cafe: Gateway to Natchez Trace. 17 minute drive, 445 miles of trails, no guitar in site.
    3. Found Object - record store, clothing boutique and petting zoo (!) in East Nashville
    4. Family Walsh - Evening spot for seeing live alt-music in East Nashville
    5. Pinewood Social - restaurant, cafe, and bowling alley

  2. Yesterday I arrived in Nashville and met some extremely smart, talented, fun individuals at the Music City Hostel. If you need your faith in humanity restored, crossing paths with brilliant people from all over the world does the trick.

    Apologies for my dry, monotone voice in the background

  4. paulbaribeau:


    Kimya Dawson and Paul Baribeau are touring Alaska! They will be accompanied by Daniel Firmin and This Heart.


    Wednesday / June 11th / Yukon Bar / 21+ / 9 pm  / free /  201 4th Ave Seward, AK 99664

    Friday / June 13th / Anchorage Community Works / all ages / 8 pm / $15 / 349 E. Ship Creek Ave. Anchorage, AK 99501

    Saturday / June 14th / Taproot / 21+ / 9 pm / $15 / 3300 Spenard Road Anchorage, AK 99503

    Monday / June 16th / Golden Heart Plaza (Downtown Market) / all ages / free / 550 1st Ave. Fairbanks, AK 99701

    Tuesday / June 17th / Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre / all ages / $5 suggested donation / 722 Kuskokwim Way Fairbanks, AK 99709


    Is the illustrator behind this masterpiece available for hire?


  5. "Don’t make your customer think, but do allow them to think for themselves"


    The progress indicator on Hazlitt’s home slider has renewed my interest in the controversial but popular display technique. It also reminds me of a comment I came across on micro-UX article from econsultancy:

    Whilst I do not directly deal with user experience, there is a need to understand how users will complete certain journeys

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  6. Sol Sender discusses the unchosen few Obama logos

  9. sagmeisterwalsh St[ ]ry work


  10. One day you’re going to be alone in your apartment, and it’s going to be dark outside and inside. You’ll be doing laundry, carrying the basket up the stairs, and nothing will have really changed. Certainly not the laundry, or the dark. But you’ll just be walking and think, “isn’t it strange I’m not hundreds of miles away, going a thousand miles an hour staring into a body of water slamming a bottle of wine. Rather I’m doing laundry?”