1. Sol Sender discusses the unchosen few Obama logos

  4. sagmeisterwalsh St[ ]ry work


  5. I sit in a malaise as grey as this mesh-backed chair. There are words on the wall:

    Project Management
    -Who is working on it? 
    - Research?
    - Budget?
    - Analytics?
    Communicate with everyone. Outcome focused.

    When I read them I feel a memory from last week when I drank a full pot of yerba mate and felt compelled to write on my wall.

    Pema Chodron would say that it is important to sit with these grey feelings. Feelings need space. Anxiety needs space. But I want movement. Fast, rigid movements. I want to brush my teeth,  eat a bag of sour skittles, and watch a TV series while surfing the web, but mostly I want to fill a cup with ice, and bourbon, and tonic, and I want to drink it until I feel well enough to send an insensitive text message.

    Life comes together and falls apart. Constantly. It’s inescapable. I think I’ll put on a pot of tea.


  6. One day you’re going to be alone in your apartment, and it’s going to be dark outside and inside. You’ll be doing laundry, carrying the basket up the stairs, and nothing will have really changed. Certainly not the laundry, or the dark. But you’ll just be walking and think, “isn’t it strange I’m not hundreds of miles away, going a thousand miles an hour staring into a body of water slamming a bottle of wine. Rather I’m doing laundry?”


  7. Whatever is happening, all that happens continues to happen on this wheel that we can neither stop, or accelerate, or leave. We can merely be conscious of it, or ignore it and continue distracting ourselves with this and that. 

    Regardless of how you feel, whatever constraints are around, life continues. So it’s important to nourish your body, and find a quiet and comforting place in your mind to observe this big trip we’re all taking. And now you’re playing this role of a young Ferarri, and your boss plays her role, and your Mom hers. It’s all trip though. When we unfold into ourselves, we can appreciate this more. And the more we appreciate life, the more we unfold.  We’re here walking one another home.
    One day it will be over because those organisms that exist beneath our realm of conscious cease to work. The trip will be over. Where once we had the choice to stand back and appreciate the wheel, our body, the depths of the world, the sturdiness of mountains, the beauty of brevity of friends, and people, and thoughts– we suddenly no longer have the choice.
    The awkwardness, the pain, the absurdity. Lean in and breath your life into it.

  8. Warsan Shire

    You are terrifying
    And strange and
    Something not
    everyone knows how
    to love

  9. Data, Spin Cycle, Site Search

    5 months ago I started a project overhauling site search. Last week [digital agency] told me only 3% of our users search on the site. That number seemed low. If that’s accurate, then this project possibly should die.

    So I went into Google Analytics. Turns out, after some data cleaning, about 2.15% of visitors use search.

    Then I dug into Foresee Analytics, which reported that 50% of respondents used search. Turns out the respondents weren’t distinguishing between site search and a search engine. That number was more like… 2%.

    In typical fashion I overreacted and put myself through a spin cycle:

    • This project is worthless,
    • I’m not contributing.
    • This is a time/money suck

    Then something amazing happened. I found my original scope of work!!:
    "The purpose of this project will be to integrate [information library] into search, and make significant front end adjustments."

    Now this doesn’t sound like much, but that second part about ‘significant front end adjustments’ is key. With greater confidence in the search experience, we can make design adjustments that encourages the use of search to explore multiple databases. 

    That 2.15% number is an opportunity, not a death sentence.

    And for the first time since i’ve started working, my project will have metrics of success that I actually believe ARE metrics of success. If conversion rate goes up and search visits increases, we’re going to have some nice spreadsheets to share.

    The other problem here is the immediate negative reaction I have to something I initially perceive as objective ‘criticism’. This should be a nice learning experience in taking a step back, and widening your eyes.


  10. The suffering part of you is the one with the most to offer in terms of understanding and forgiveness. It has no ego to lose, or face to save.

    There is something about the world that is more fully experienced when suffering.