1. "Don’t make your customer think, but do allow them to think for themselves"


    The progress indicator on Hazlitt’s home slider has renewed my interest in the controversial but popular display technique. It also reminds me of a comment I came across on micro-UX article from econsultancy:

    Whilst I do not directly deal with user experience, there is a need to understand how users will complete certain journeys

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  2. Sol Sender discusses the unchosen few Obama logos

  5. sagmeisterwalsh St[ ]ry work


  6. One day you’re going to be alone in your apartment, and it’s going to be dark outside and inside. You’ll be doing laundry, carrying the basket up the stairs, and nothing will have really changed. Certainly not the laundry, or the dark. But you’ll just be walking and think, “isn’t it strange I’m not hundreds of miles away, going a thousand miles an hour staring into a body of water slamming a bottle of wine. Rather I’m doing laundry?”


  7. Warsan Shire

    You are terrifying
    And strange and
    Something not
    everyone knows how
    to love

  8. Data, Spin Cycle, Site Search

    5 months ago I started a project overhauling site search. Last week [digital agency] told me only 3% of our users search on the site. That number seemed low. If that’s accurate, then this project possibly should die.

    Update: After speaking with several people, I’ve realized people aren’t using site search because customers lack confidence in the tiny box on the top right of the screen. Come mid-May we will be bringing greater visual weight to site search by expanding it’s width. Pixel tracking will tell us if more people begin using site search following the update.

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  9. The suffering part of you is the one with the most to offer. It’s forgiving, and understanding. It has no ego to lose.

  10. Facebook’s corporate office has 3 posters on the wall:
    Move fast and break things.
    Done is better than perfect.
    What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
    I have a love/hate relationship with aphorisms, but I do like these 3, particularly the first one. When there’s no time to overthink things, everything is made easier.